Portuguese Water Dog

oliver.jpgThis is Oliver! He is my dog and the most lovable, sweet and kind dog I have ever owned. Portuguese Water Dogs typically have high energy level and are medium size, Oliver not having too much energy but being medium size. They are the 53rd most popular dog breed; many people are not too familiar with this breed! They are extremely affectionate, adventurous and athletic. Oliver falls short on the athletic part; he can be a little goofy and unbalanced at times but that is why I love him!

The breed is distinguished by two types of coats, curly or wavy. They have large heads and are ruggedly built. The Water Dog is hypoallergenic, but requires regular maintenance. Oliver is wavy and curly! He is always in need of a bath so from time to time someone in my family will give him one before he is due for his haircut at the groomers! Usually they are every six weeks or so, depending on the season or if he really needs one.

An athletic, active breed, the Portuguese Water Dog requires daily vigorous exercise. They are very intelligent and respond well to obedience training. The Water Dog is demanding of attention and human contact, requires positive training, and daily mental and physical exercise. They can challenge his owner’s will, think independently, voice own opinion, and greet friends and family with unbridled enthusiasm.The Water Dog has a lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

For more information about this breed or to find a breeder, visit http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/portuguese-water-dog/care/