This is Pupino! She is an 8 year Maltese with a wonderful personality. She loves to play with balls and her favorite thing to do is go on walks! Pupino is always sleeping under the covers, hiding from her owner and can never be found! She cannot go down stairs and has to be picked up because she is afraid.

Malteses are a small dog breed with a medium energy. They are the 32nd most popular dog breed and known to be charming, playful, and gentle. They are the most gentled mannered ¬†of all little dogs, but also full of energy and very playful- great family pets! If kept long, Maltese’s should be brushed daily to prevent mats from forming in their long, white coats.

Maltese are highly intelligent and know very well how to use their charm to get their way-they can become easily spoiled. It is not recommended that Maltese go to homes with young children, where as tiny puppies, there is the possibility of being stepped on or dropped by a child. Maltese, like all other dog breeds, may have health issues but the majority of the breed are healthy. If you have any questions about this breed consult with a breeder!