Groom Genie

groom genie.jpg

The groom genie is great for pets who do not like to sit still and fuss while they get their hair brushed! It is easy on knots and smooth on the fur. It works on any fur, hair, and pet type. The groom genie was designed by the same brush originally designed for humans – the knot genie!

Many people had actually purchased the human brush for their pets because of how great it was on their pets fur. Eventually, the groom genie was invented just for pets and it was a huge success! It became the first grooming brush that not only detangles and beautifies coats, but reduces a pet’s grooming anxiety while strengthening the bond between owner and pet.

My pets both love the groom genie! I have a miniature Poodle and a Portuguese Waterdog. Even though they have completely different fur types, the groom genie works great on both!

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