English Bulldog


This is Myles, the English bulldog. He is so kind, friendly, and courageous. Bulldogs are rated 4th in most popular dog breeds. They have medium energy and are usually medium in size, while some may be smaller or even larger. They have great stability and strength while also exhibiting a kind and courageous manor (not at all vicious or aggressive). Bulldogs have very short coats that shed regular. Keeping pet wipes handy will make the shedding process easier! Their nails should be trimmed regular as well as regular ear check up to protect from ear infections. Another important factor is cleaning skin folds because they can become infected as well.

Bulldogs only need minimal exercise. They are very sweet and great with children. They can weigh up to 50 pounds! They can become very lazy at times but it is okay; they need a little push to be active and this is why they are great with children! They enjoy moderate walks and need a good diet to stay trim. It is very important for them for stay in the air conditioning because of their snout and sometimes may have trouble breathing if in the heat for too long of a time.

Like every breed of dog, health problems can occur with bulldogs. Their short nosed snout makes breathing difficult. Other health problems may be “cherry eye” or infections between the skin folds, but infections can be prevented by daily cleaning! For more information, visit the website below and read about health, talk to a breeder, and learn more about the amazing bulldog breed!