Jackson & Tika


Jackson Lukacs, at only seven years old, decided to save his very own kitten, Tika. Jackson is already fully invested in the needs of animals at such a young age! In the fall of 2015, Jackson, along with his brother, Alex and their friend were playing outside when this small kitten approached them looking for a home. They immediately noticed something wrong with her eye and their first reaction was not to play with her but to help her!

They took her to the vet and after she was healed, their next step was to propose the idea of adopting her to their parents; but after 72 hours, the answer was YES! Father, Eric Lukacs, said “She couldn’t be a better decision, and I am very proud of my kids for helping her.” Tika’s name was chosen by Jackson, based on his favorite childhood book featuring “Tika Tiger.”

Even though Tika’s eye was infected and caused her to go blind in one eye, she has still been saved thanks to the compassion of young community members, Alex and Jackson Lukacs. These two young boys are my cousins and I could not be more proud to call them my family. They are very kind and compassionate to not just animals but all nature. Way to go boys!

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