7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Everyone wants to keep their pets healthy so they can live long, happy lives! Many times, we are told certain things like what to feed our pets, certain shampoos to wash them with, and what/who veterinarian they should be seeing in order to live their happy lives. I am here to tell you there are simply seven steps you should know in order for your pet to stay healthy.

  1. Keep your pet at a healthy weight.
  2. Exercise your pet.
  3. Feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet.
  4. Have your veterinarian examine your pet at least once a year to make sure your pet is healthy and to help detect problems earlier.
  5. Vaccinate your pet against potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia and rabies.
  6. Keep your pet free of parasites (fleas and ticks, heartworm, etc.) – consult your veterinarian for the best product for your pet.
  7. Spay or neuter your pet.

By following each step, not in any particular order, your pet will live an energized and joyful life. Both of my dogs visit the vet regularly for check-ups and are vaccinated against all harmful and potentially deadly diseases. For more information visit https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/pet-health.aspx



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