Pet Safety Year Round


oliver-springWe all want to have fun with our pets but in order to do so we have to keep them safe and healthy! Our pets safety and health are the 2 most important things to remember while having a pet if you live in an area with changing seasons, so listen up; this is a perfect blog post for you!


Be cautious of sun rays and be sure to use sun protection on your dog- even if you think their hair is covering their skin, the sun does come through. The best would be baby sunscreen but always consult with a vet before applying to your pet. Be aware of paws of hot surfaces like concrete or sidewalks. NEVER leave a dog parked in a car; it feels much hotter to them than it does to us. Always keep your pet hydrated 🙂


If you celebrate halloween, make sure to keep ALL candy away from pets, considering it is poisonous. When cooking turkey, do not give pet any bones because they can splinter unlike stronger bones bought in pet stores.


Keep your pets warm with sweaters and booties (the more festive the better!). Keep an eye on your pets around holiday decorations, especially tinsel. Try not to feed your pet table scraps, especially candy and goodies, even though it is so hard to say no sometimes! Make sure to be aware of antifreeze, it is poisonous and harmful.


Be aware for signs of allergies such as skin scratching or ear problems (shaking of the head or scratching). Keep a correct ID on your pet at all times incase he/she gets lost (this is for ALL year, not just spring). It is a good idea to learn what plants are poisonous and the ones that aren’t incase your pet is to ingest one.

For more information on pet safety, visit



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